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Complete Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning  has been one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Monmouth County and surrounding area for many years.  We love to deliver professional office cleaning, facility maintenance services, and janitorial services. Complete Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning also offers other types of janitorial services and commercial cleaning service in the New Jersey area.  We also offer post construction commercial services throughout New Jersey. Our company specialties include: commercial janitorial and commercial office cleaning services, commercial carpet cleaning, post construction clean-ups, remodeling clean-ups, commercial floor maintenance, commercial window office cleaning, and commercial porter services.

Whether you require daily detailed commercial office cleaning or a less frequent office cleaning service, Complete Janitorial Services & Office Cleaning will make sure your office cleaning is done right and at the best price possible.  Our office cleaning services usually include, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen disinfecting, and trash removal.  But our office cleaning services are not limited to these services.  If there is something else you need, just ask.  At worst, we can make an educated recommendation or refer someone we know.  On one occasion, a new client called us about an odor in the men’s bathroom that their current cleaning company could not get under control.  Once meeting with the office manager, we found out the office was being over-serviced and under cleaned while the customer was being overcharged.  Within a week of taking over the account, we noticed that the odor could be masked, but not totally eliminated.  At that point we knew that the odor was being caused by the floor drain.  The floor drain P-trap was empty, thus foul odor was able to back vent into the bathroom.  Since filling the P-traps and keeping them hydrated, the odor has not returned and the client to this day is another happy client.

Every client is different, so Complete Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning can customize our services according to your specific needs.  Contact us today for your FREE ESTIMATE.

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